The Podcast that from top to bottom covers the manga/anime series Dragon Ball Z!

Donovan Grant and Jesse Garrett return to give thanks and farewells to the legendary mangaka Akira Toriyama, discussing his career, legacy and influence on entire generations.

To write in, e-mail us at

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After the longest absence between episodes (not counting their year off), Don and Jesse return, explaining their situations and vowing to keep the audience informed on the progress of new episodes. THEN..! It's the second half of the Universe 6 Tournament! What is the secret of Hit? How is Cabba different than the other Saiyans? And what of the Super Dragon Balls? All this and more, so get to downloading!

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Jesse and Don cover the first few bouts of the Universe 6 Tournament! What do they make of the alt. universe versions of Freeza and the Saiyans? Will there be upsets? How do these differ from tournaments from years past? Get to downloading to find out!

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Super Condensed Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Review

Back in the early 2000s, Dragon Ball Z helped pave the way for a resurgence in anime popularity among what would eventually be known as the Millennial generation. In addition to many other series and franchises, Gundam Wing was another heavyweight in Toonami's corner, introducing the Gundam franchise to a new audience and quickly becoming a huge ratings success for Cartoon Network. But that was a long time ago...

Nearly 16 years later, one of those fans has now grown into manhood and has rediscovered Gundam Wing, re-watching it with new eyes! Covering the entirety of the 49 episode series, Donovan Morgan Grant goes over the long, confusing, intricate plot of the popular show. Included in his recorded thoughts are new opinions on the central character Heero Yuy, opinions on the handling of the concept of pacifism, and deciphering what is so annoying about Relena Peacecraft. Also included are late-game praise for the music, old friends from the DBZ Ocean Dub and interstitial clips from Toonami's production! DOES THIS SHOW HOLD UP? Download to find out!

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FINAL EPISODE 50: Resurrection F and the END of the Next Dimension!

It was the best of was the worst of times...


That's the overall tone of discussion in the final episode for the Next Dimension podcast. For Donovan Grant and Jesse Garrett, "Resurrection F" provides the two with some of the best and worst content from Dragon Ball Z, Toei Animation and the oft-mentioned Akira Toriyama. Which host liked the film more than the other? The answer won't surprise you, but what might is discussions on the return of Freeza, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, Gohan and the strengths/weaknesses of the writing, Goku and Vegeta's new forms and more! Following the review is a solid hour of e-mails featuring the return of an old friend before signing off with musings on the future of the Dragon Ball franchise. The show may be over for now, but Donovan and Jesse shall return again...somewhere...some-when..!

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Episode 49: Watching Anime with Stella!

For the penultimate episode of the Next Dimension podcast, the boys welcome back Stella for her third appearance to talk about other anime series that she and Donovan enjoy, recommending them to both Jesse and YOU, the listeners! For over three hours the trio discuss their personal preferences when it comes to getting into new things, the risks involved when seeking shipper AMVs on YouTube, the merits of the 2002 Count of Monte Cristo film, and plenty of Sub vs. Dub talk! Various sub-genre shows make the list of ten, from school drama, to comedy, sports, romance, sci-fi, shonen and postmodernism! Will Donovan finally get over the mark left by Neon Genesis Evangelion? Will Stella broaden her palate outside the box of shows with shipping? Does Jesse turn into a robot? All this and more will be answered in the next-to-last episode, so get to downloading!

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Episode 48: Playing with Power! Some DBZ Video Games

This month the guys talk DBZ games! From the recently released Xenoverse to the Japanese PSX games of yesteryear, Jesse and Don talk about hit accuracy, graphics, mode variety, faithfulness to the source material and more! Among the topics of discussion include the remnants of continuity after Dragon Ball Super, English dubbing news and more! Press pause on your save file of Dragon Ball Z Sagas and get to downloading!

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End of Next Dimension Trailer #1

The end is nigh...

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Episode 47: There and Back Again, the Plan to Destroy the Saiyans

This time out the boys tackle one of the most peculiar and interesting stories in the history of the DBZ franchise! Both the 1993 "The Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans" two-part OVA and the 2010 "The Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans" 30 minute special are reviewed, compared and contrasted. What is the history behind this once obscure (to anyone outside of Japan) addendum to a Japanese RPG? How does the updated version improve on the original? Is it worth checking out? The countdown to the end has begun, so get to downloading!

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Episode 46: The Music of DBZ

Salty as ever over the gang war that is the Sub vs. Dub crowd of DBZ fandom, Don tries to quell the violence by discussing the various themes and lyric songs from both Shunsuke Kikuchi's original Japanese score and Bruce Falconer's themes for Funimation!

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Episode 45: The Anoyo-Ichi Budokai

This month Jesse and Don tackle a wide and varied range of discussion topics, ranging from re-writing the Maron character to merging DBZ with the cast of the Fast and the Furious! What makes Broly NOT the Legendary Super Saiyan? What new obsession of Don's regularly references Dragon Ball? Is Pikuhan/Pikkon simply a discount-Piccolo, or is there more to him? All this and more plus a few surprises in store for the future!

Oh, and Goku participates in a tournament in the Afterlife as well.

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Episode 44: Adding Garlic to the Mix

The Garlic Jr. Saga is one of the more divisive segments of DBZ. As the first of two major filler arcs, is it worth catching or easy to skip? Don and Jesse attempt to decipher that conundrum as they go over inconsistent power levels, nutty dialogue, and the worst henchmen in the series! That's not even getting into the 120lb elephant in the room named Maron! Before that however Donovan briefly talks Resurrection F (no major spoilers) and the release of Dragon Ball Super in Japan. Will the way in which TOEI Animation directs the Dragon Ball series affect how the guys will cover the new show? Download to find out!

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It took them three years six months, but Donovan and Jesse have reached the end of Dragon Ball Z, and the original Dragon Ball manga as a whole. What do the guys have to say about how the series ends? There's plenty of talk about the ten year time skip, Goku's actions and characterization, the new manga ending Toriyama drew in 2004, the fates of the human Z-Fighters, potential endings and even a summation of Dragon Ball GT! The podcast isn't going anywhere just yet, but for now, celebrate the end of a manga and anime legend and get to downloading!

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Episode 41: Battle of Gods Review!

After years of anticipation, Donovan and Jesse finally talk about the film they've been waiting for since the nascent days of the podcast...BATTLE OF GODS! The guys have a spirited discussion on everything in the film, among those topics being Beerus, the God of Destruction, the Super Saiyan God form, the tone and approach to the story, the return of the Pilaf gang, Toriyama's involvement with the movie and production tidbits, and more! How does the movie continue the story of Dragon Ball into the future? Does this film finally put DBGT out of continuity? All this and more are discussed and answered, so what are you waiting for? Download and find out!

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Episode 40: Shocks, Surprises and Super Saiyans!

Donovan and Jesse leap head first into an arry of wild and crazy topics, starting with the news that a new DB series is premiering in July, titled "Dragon Ball Super"! How did this breaking story affect the hosts? What can we expect from the new show? Will Toriyama's involvment automatically differentiate the show from Dragon Ball GT? Then the guys tackle the 2008 Jump Super Anime Tour Special "YO! Son Goku and his Friends Return!" and the 2011 animated adaptation of the Naho Ooishi manga "Episode of Bardock". How do these two 21st century stories compare to the original series? Do they make sense? Does it matter? All this plus talk of an awesome DBZ video game that Don and Jesse completely slept on! What are you waiting for, get to downloading!

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Movie Special #4 Part 2: These two movies are better

Daniel Yarbrough jumps into the action to finish up reviews for the final two DBZ original films! The guys have nothing but positive things to say about "Fusion Reborn" and "Wrath of the Dragon"!...well, mostly positive. One of the films has an ending that is both notoriously confusing and appalling. But still..! Listen as the guys talk Pikuhan/Pikkon, laugh at Vegeta's tears, compare Gohan's fight against Freeza to the upcoming Resurrection "F" movie, and recall the days of DBZ fandom when subtitled films were riddled with cursing. Open that music box and get to downloading!

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Movie Special #4 Part 1: "You Only Broly Twice"

The Movie Special Reviews return for a fourth an final time as Donovan and Jesse finish off the list of the original 13 DBZ films! In Part 1, it's a double dose of Broly as the Legendary Super Saiyan returns from the grave twice to attack Goten and his friends. How do Broly's sequel films stack up against his premiere in Movie 8? Do the films benefit from the new cast of characters? Which of these movies is regarded as the worst one of all, and which has the contender for worst ending? The guys have opposing opinions for both movies, but before that they're asked what makes DBZ particularly accesible to people who've not seen Dragon Ball, hear a theory on the power of Kid Buu, and bristle at fan mail for their potential replacement host! The race towards the finish line has begun with the end of the movies, so start that race and download now!

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The Next Dimension Movie Special #4: Fusion Reborn Commentary!

The Next Dimension switches gears late into it's podcasting life with a new approach, new format, new commentary, and a new host!

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Episode 39: At Long Last...THE END!...ofthebuusaga

After 15 months of coverage, many battles, different forms and fighters and a ton of facepalms, Donovan and Jesse finally complete their coverage of the Buu Saga. What do the two take away from the arc as a whole? Do they like how it ends? What were its highs and lows and which outweigh the other? How does the story impact Goku, Vegeta and Gohan, and Dragon Ball Z as a whole? This and many more questions are posed and answered in this double-sized episode! Along the way, the guys keep relevant by discussing the new Revival of F trailer and squee at the news of FUNimation's English dub dropping in the summer of 2015! It's a wild ride of emotion, so share the love and/or hate and get to downloading!

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Episode 38

Jesse and Donovan race to the finish line as the penultimate episode of the Buu Saga sees the two talk about the culmination of Vegeta's character, the return of Super Saiyan 3 and the onslaught of Kid Buu! It's quite the violent couple of episodes at this late date, some which result in laughs and others which has the hosts wincing in pain! Is the series inevitable end apparent in these episodes? Has the show run out of steam? Only way to find out for sure is to download!

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Episode 37: Goku and Vegeta's EXCELLENT ADVENTURE!

Don and Jesse have their hands full in this momentus episode, which chronicles the beginning of the buddy comedy acts that are Goku and Vegeta! The guys discuss they likes and dislikes of the episodes, thoroughly dissect Toriyama's writing at this late point in the series, and seriously hash out the shocking ending of episode 277. Do they love the episode or hate it? What does it mean for the series? In addition, they listen to more requests to review Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT, comment on the news concerning the Ghost in the Shell live action movie, and go over more Revival of F news! Things will never be the same...AGAIN! So get to downloading before the planet explodes!

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Feedback Episode #4 (In Defense of Gohan)

Don finishes off the e-mails for episode 36, which mostly consist of the listeners responses to the state of Gohan from episode 35!

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Episode 36: Super Fusion vs. Super Absorption

Jesse and Don don't have much to say about the fight between Vegetto and Super Gohan-Buu, and what little they do say mostly isn't positive. What is discussed however are a variety of strange topics, many including hypothetical fusions and attacks involving the characters and even the hosts themselves! Learn of the origin behind the fusion of Bulma and Chi Chi! Witness the eternal haunting of both End of Evangelion AND Ja Rule! And see Yamcha as you've never seen him before in his life after death! The new year has begun, and so has the countdown to the final months of the Next Dimension, so get 2015 started right with a podcast recorded from the past!!!

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The Next Dimension Third Anniversary Special!

Celebrating three years of Dragon Ball Z goodness, Donovan and Jesse put together a special going back to the roots of Dragon Ball! With character analyzations, plot reviews and specials guests, this episode is NOT one you'll want to miss out on! Anymore revealed would ruin the surprises, so get to downloading! NOTE: This episode went entirely unedited in terms of language content, so it's not safe for working environments!

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Episode 35.5: E-Mails!

Closing out the month of November, Jesse and Don tackle the e-mails they recieved since episode 34. Amongst the various topics raised include what the hosts would do in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, which Dragon Ball race would they like to be and who's the most overrated character. They also commemorate Dragon Ball's 30th anniversary by announcing a surprise for next month! Stay tuned for that and more!

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Episode #35: The Rise and Fall of Gohan...

THIS ONE HAS IT ALL! Foregoing the e-mails for the time being, Donovan and Jesse dive right into the breaking news for the 2015 DBZ movie, now known as "Revival of F!" Then the guys review the return of Gohan, Goku, Tien, and a moveset made familiar by a previous villain. Listen as they discuss Mystic Gohan vs. Super Buu, Mystic Gohan vs. Buutenks, SSJ3 Goku vs. Buuccolo, and are at their wits ends with the erratic storytelling! Should Gohan have remained the hero all along, or was Toriyama justified in bringing Goku back? All this and more in this spectacular episode!

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Episode 34: Point of No Return

What does The Buu Saga and Evangelion have in common? Which 50 Cent music video do Japanese girls get fashion tips from? What makes Donovan claim these episodes as the worst he and Jesse have covered in the podcast thus far? These questions and more are answered in this turning point of an episode, as the guys disagree, debate and discuss the merits and mistakes of the Gotenks vs. Buu fight! It's a fight to the finish for both the characters and the hosts, as the series grows takes more and more risks in its storytelling! Also brought up is the controversy surrounding Mr. Popo, more comparisons between fans of comics and anime, and what in the Buu Saga makes Don and Jesse take a trip down memory lane? You really shouldn't miss this momentus episode, so hurry up and download while there's still a planet to save!

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Episode 32 Part 3: Super Saiyan 3 and The BUUTRAYAL

"I think our friend's in need of a haircut..."

Part 3 sees the debut of Super Saiyan 3 Goku! Is this a transformation that makes sense for the story, or does it come out of nowhere? Then, Majin Buu goes on a rampage! Millions of lives are lost, begging the it bad if we find this funny? Donovan and Jesse discuss the tone of the episodes, new characters, perverted humor and the (seriously gruesome) death of a LEGEND!!! Keep your HEAD on your shoulders, and prepare to have your MIND blown, as the greatness of this episode will hit you like a fist to the FACE! Enjoy!

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Episode 32 part 2: e-mails, E-Mails, E-MAILS!

Part 2 of the 2014 August Saga has the guy go over a slew of e-mails! A bevy of topics are discussed, from potential match-ups such as Krillin vs. Chi-Chi to the production of manga in Japan. Which character did Cell absorb in Dragon Ball Z Budokai that was NOT an android?! What was the turning point of Jesse truly becoming a fan of DBZ? What makes for good DBZ action, or action in general? All this, plus opinions on the new Salior Moon Crystal series, continuing Battle of Gods talk, and more!

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Episode 32 Part 1: Battle of Gods Thoughts and Comic-Con Adventures!

Welcome to the first of a three part August adventure! In this episode, Jesse and Don discuss their theater experiences whilst attending the US premiere of Battle of Gods! What did they think of the film in English? Did Jesse like it? Did Don's mind change? THEN!! Don recounts his time at San Diego Comic-Con! How much DBZ swag did he buy? Which DBZ voice actor did he meet? Which DBZ character saved him when he was surrounded by HENTAI?!?!? There are no "special effects" on this episode, so you know it's safe for work! Download and enjoy! *NOTE!* Battle of Gods SPOILERS are present between timestamps 6:00 through 38:00!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode 31

NOTHING IS HOW YOU KNOW IT TO BE! In this month's episode, the boys talk about the immediate aftermath of Vegeta's sacrifice and go over which of the new plot additions are good or bad. Which characters are they happy to see again, and which characters do they wish stayed dead? Are the scenes with the original Dragon Ball gang enjoyable slapstick, or useless filler? Can the series endure by relying on Goten and Trunks? All this plus discussions on the upcoming DBZ game Xenoverse, more off topic comic book talk, and a special announcement at the very end! Please add batgirltooracle on Skype for the Killing Joke Call-In Show on Saturday July 12th at 2pm EST, and check out the Comic Book Film Revue Podcast at and on iTunes, but for now, enjoy the guys right at home talking Dragon Ball Z!

Direct download: episode31.mp3
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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #30

A major turning point occurs in this episode, as DBZ's most prominent breakout character gives his all in the fight against evil! Jesse and Don cover Vegeta's last stand against the invincible Majin Buu, as well as hear some alternative views on the Saiyan Prince's turn from Daniel Yarbrough! Before that however, they guys discuss the announcement of Battle of Gods dubbing and North American release to theaters! It's all or nothing when Vegeta's taken to his limits, so get to downloading!!!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #29

MAJIN VEGETA IS HERE!!! After loudly complaining that this current saga sucks, Vegeta has been turned against his friends against his will!...or HAS HE? Watch as the Z-Fighters are finally given a worthy opponent in the form of their one-time arch enemy and reluctant ally! Don and Jesse cover the re-match to end all rematches when Goku and Vegeta go head-to-head in a Super Saiyan 2 Smackdown! How do Bulma and Trunks react to Vegeta's return to the dark side? Does this twist push Gohan out of the spotlight? What's Goku's response to Vegeta's heartfelt confessions of love-er, I mean...HATE?! All this plus further talk of a potential movie franchise and Jesse and Don's favorite fantasy epics! Enough talk! The time to download is NOW!!!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #28


In this episode the guys cover the video game-like nature of Babadi's stronghold, and one host laments the time it takes to get to each fight. Then, the tournament finally resumes after the majority of the fighters abandoned it, with a battle royale! See neighbor vs. neighbor when Android #18 unwittingly goes toe-to-toe-to-toe with Goten and Trunks! Before that however, Don and Jesse discuss the Dragon Ball Minus one-shot that reveals Goku's mother Gine! Has Toriyama retconned canon beyond the point of no return? Download to find out!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #27

Things take a turn for the worse when the Adult Division of the Tenkaichi Budokai begins! Piccolo vs. a higher diety! Videl vs. a mysterious freak! GOKU VS. VEGETA! What can possibly happen next? Jesse and Don discuss it all from top to bottom, as well as discuss the logistics of applying DBZ to live action movie format and their favorite voice actors. The Videl/Spopovitch fight too much to handle? Learn about it by downloading!

Direct download: episode27.mp3
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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #26

The Junior Division of the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai is underway, and the finals quickly arrive in the match of Goten vs. Trunks! Who will come out on top, and who will cheat? Donovan and Jesse comment on this and other tidbits in this months batch of episodes, such as the legacy of Dragon Ball throughout popular culture, Saiyan eating habits, and video game talk galore!

Direct download: episode26.mp3
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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #25

Don and Jesse cover some seriously nutty topics this month, and most of it comes well before the episode coverage! For starters, they guys BRIEFly go over Toriyama's fandom and how they show their...appreciation. The next hour of e-mails contains discussion points that range from asking which came first, Super Saiyans or Super Sonic, more DC Super Hero/DBZ comparisons, and an unfortunate explanation on when the conception of Goten took place. As for the episodes, do the sudden appearances of two new Super Saiyans begin the series' downfall, or is it justified? Is Videl the best character the show has seen ever? Or does that title still belong to the Tournament Announcer, who makes his triumphant return from Dragon Ball! You don't need a degree in human/android relations to know that the podcast is in for a treat when Goku takes one look at Krillin and 18's daughter and asks "HOW?", so get to downloading!

Direct download: episode25.mp3
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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #24

After going through Hell and back to get the show out, Donovan and Jesse discuss the introduction to the final installment of the original Dragon Ball series: THE BUU SAGA! Both are very optimistic on where the show turns after the seven year time skip, and discuss the new elements included such as Gohan's secret identity, Gohan's new little brother Goten, and Mr. Satan's daughter Videl whom the host deem as the best female character Toriyama's ever done for DBZ. Other topics covered include Krillin like you've never seen him before!, the lack of general aging for the characters, Bulma's new smoking habit, and...A DRAGON BALL Z RELIGION?! The year 2013 won't end until we say it ends, so celebrate the holidays with a new episode!!!

Direct download: episode24.mp3
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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Movie Special #3 Part 2

PART 2 OF 2! Concluding their look at the DBZ movies between the end of the Cell Games and the start of the Buu Saga, Don, Jesse and Daniel discuss both the most popular DBZ movie character and a fan favorite DBZ film. Broly's a beloved villain for the American audience, but is his movie worthy of the praise it gets? Should the character have appeared in future films? How does he compare to the classic villains such as Freeza and Cell? Then in "Bojack Unbound", the Z-Fighters relax and enjoy themselves at a tournament sponsered by Mr.Satan! But the fun comes to an abrupt halt when mysterious blue-skinned aliens attack the contestants! With Goku gone and Vegeta seemingly retired, can Gohan and friends put a stop to the Galaxy Warriors before they rule the planet? The only possible way to find out is by downloading this podcast, so do it before Krillin starts singing again!!!

Direct download: moviespecial3part2.mp3
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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Movie Special #3

BACK AGAIN AND HOW WE'VE GROWN, BUT THIS TIME WE'RE NOT ALONE! Returning their gaze at the various DBZ movies, Donovan and Jesse are joined by frequent e-mailer Daniel Yarbrough. For hours, the three discuss the violence, humor and nonsense that can be found in movies 6-9! In part 1, after listing their favorite violent moments and discussing the American DBZ fanbase, the trio hit up "The Return of Cooler"! How does Freeza's brother fare in a second outing? How does Vegeta fare in his first DBZ film? Then the gang talk about "Super Android 13"! Don's not impressed, but does the film have some merit he's missing? All this and more in the first of a two-part movie spectacular!

Direct download: moviespecial3_part_1.mp3
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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #23

What happens when you get fans of the podcast and DBZ together with Donovan and Jesse? The answer lies in TND's Call-In show for 2013! Topics and discussion points of all kinds are brought up, such as:

-The Secret Origin behind The Next Dimension's creation

-Is Dragon Ball and/or Toriyama sexist against women?

-What's the best and worst aspects of the series, and where does it rank amongst other anime?

-Who loves the Buu Saga?

-Why does Donovan dislike the Buu Saga?

-Who was introduced to Dragon Ball through repeated viewings of Yamcha's death?

All this and more can be found inside, so get to downloading!

Direct download: Call-InShow.mp3
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 Episode #22

With the end of the Cell Games comes ramifications that forever changes the face of Dragon Ball Z. How did this turning point turn out? Don and Jesse discuss the passing of the torch from Goku to Gohan, the climatic finish of the Cell Saga, what they liked and disliked about the Android Era as a whole, and what to look forward to with the final arc in the Buu Saga.

Direct download: episode_22.mp3
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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #21

THE BEGINNING OF THE END! With several of the most notable, debated and action-packed episodes in the series thus far, Donovan and Jesse spend three hours hitting up what one of them thinks are the greatest DBZ moments in the entire series! First the guys hit up the much awaited fight between Goku and Cell. Did it meet the hype? Which version did it better, the manga or the anime? Does the new animation team work well for the series? But all that changes once Goku quits! Is the Gohan plotline random and nonsensical, or does it fit the series? Should child support services be locking Goku up? And CELL JUNIORS?! What the heck are those things???! In one of the fiercest eras of the show to date, the guys bring you one nothing but the BEST in DBZ discussion! Don't waste a second and DOWNLOAD THIS PODCAST!!!

Direct download: episode21.mp3
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Episode #20

Happy Independence Day! A time of celebration and relaxation! Goku and Gohan are in the holiday spirit, so kick back with them, Krillin, Donovan and Jesse, and relive the memories of fishing and sleeping in these episodes before the Cell Games! Witness the emergence of the world's new fighting champion Mr. SATAN! No, wait...HERCULE! Ah, it's one of those names...ALSO! Don and Jesse discuss the various voices for the characters and more timeline theories. PLUS!!! Don't miss a special announcement at the end of the podcast! It's the calm before the storm, so savor it while you can, because the next episode is gonna get heavy...

Direct download: episode20.mp3
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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #19

THIS IS IT! The episode all Trunks fans have been waiting for! In this month's entry, the guys discuss the announcement of the Cell Games, right after the fight between Cell and Trunks, the fighters from the future! THEN..! The History of Trunks is discussed in length. Did the Funimation dubbed music ruin the entire viewing experience? Is this the best movie in the series so far? Does this answer all of our questions? PLUS! Voice actors from both Japan and America unite at the Animazing convetion! Jesse and Don bring you the highlights! All that plus Donovan's long concealed opinions on the Buu Saga! You won't want to miss a second of this, so hop into your iTime-Machine and get to downloading!

Direct download: episode19.mp3
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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #18

In this episode, conflict abounds when Krillin must reconcile his duties to save the world with his feelings for Android #18, the woman he barely knows! SEE THE ROMANCE that consumes his thoughts at the worst possible time! WITNESS THE BETRAYAL as Vegeta lets everyone down in order to salivate his ego! LISTEN TO DON AND JESSE cover Cell's new form, discuss a potential Dragon Ball sequel podcast, Neko Majin, and the confirmation that FUNImation's dubbing the Kai version of the Buu saga! You won't want to miss a second, so drop that remote controller built by Bulma and get to downloading!

Direct download: episode18.mp3
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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode 17 (part 2)

WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THE TIMELINES?!! That's only the tip of the iceberg in this episode, as Donovan and Jesse tackle the Imperfect Cell saga with full force! Is the Piccolo vs. #17 fight good or bad? Has Toriyama begun to develop Chi Chi, leaving Bulma behind? And how do the guys like the Semi-Perfect second form Cell design? All this and more, so get to downloading!!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #17 part.1

REVENGE OF THE LISTENERS! Thanks to the feedback drought from last month, a total number of 11 e-mails were read out, asking Donovan and Jesse about numerous topics such as Goku's father skills, the Saiyans' strength increse after battles, and what they would like to see developed further in a potential new Dragon Ball series! But first and foremost, the guys give their thoughts on the controversial Screw Attack Goku vs. Superman Death Battle! Were Jesse and Don as outraged as most of the internet? Did Screw Attack get all their facts right? Should we demand a recount? Find out in part one of two for the month of April!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Episode #16

*EDIT* Proper ending now included

It's badass chicks, crazy SCIENCE and mysteries abound in what Donovan and Jesse hail as by far and away the best episodes in Dragon Ball Z to date! The guys cover the whooping Androids #17 and #18 give to the Z-Fighters, the steadily more complex timelines, and an introduction to one of the best designed villians in all of Dragon Ball! says Don. Also on the docket is the news about Battle of Gods! Will Gohan be a Super Saiyan or won't he? Will this be the best DBZ related material ever released? How hard does DBGT suck? All this in more, in the episode that includes Android #16, EPISODE #16!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode 15

Call'em what you want...cyborgs, artificial humans, androids...WHATEVER! They're here and the battle has officially begun! In this month's episode the guys go over the new and improved SUPER SAIYAN VEGETA, Trunks' return and the complexities of time travel, and the constant return to the drawing board Akira Toriyama made by orders of his editors! PLUS, more thoughts on the movies past and future including Battle of Gods, Don and Jesse's impromptu script for a Krillin and Yamcha buddy comedy, and what they would like to see in a potential DBZ movie! You won't want to miss a second of this month's installment so get to downloading!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #14

An all new battle begins! A mysterious boy from the future who claims to be a Super Saiyan warns of a deadly enemy that ties back to Dragon Ball's past! As Donovan and Jesse start their coverage of the Android Saga, they run the gamut by hitting topics such as the (needless?) return of Freeza, the return of an old enemy, and the introduction of a brand new Z-Fighter! Plus, filler-rific fun is had when Goku and Piccolo seek to get their driving licenses, Gohan is given an abusive new tutor, and shipping abounds when Vegeta makes the Bulma/Yamcha relationship into a love triangle! Emasculation is aplenty in this-the saga that changes everything!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #13

IT ALL ENDS HERE! After 9 months of coverage, Don and Jesse finally finish off the Namek/Freeza Saga as well as their first year of The Next Dimension! To say this episode has it all would be an understatement, but among the many topics discussed are the end of the Goku/Freeza battle, the rumored end of the series, more nauseating Bulma hi-jinks, the resurrection of the earthbound Z-Fighters, and what's on the horizon in the next story arc to come. PLUS: Donovan and Jesse's thoughts on Dragon Ball: Evolution, the news of DBZ Kai returning to finish the series, the controversy of Kenji Yamamoto, preliminary thoughts on the upcoming movie "Battle of the Gods", and much more? Christmas comes early this year with this first of two December episodes, so get to downloading!

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The Next Dimension 2013

2013 is almost here, so let's start it off right! Here's a taste of what to expect in the coming year of The Next Dimension!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #12

The Legendary warrior has arisen, and Goku has become a Super Saiyan. First on his agenda: Beat Freeza's @$$. In this episode the guys cover their reaction to this iconic era in DBZ with the dawn of a new age power for Goku. Plus, fan theories range from Freeza's many forms, to the nature of the Dragonballs to Planet Namek's countdown to destruction. Also included is even more Vegeta discussions, convoluted scheming by King Kai and Kami, and comparisons between Shenlong of Earth and Porunga of Namek. This is it! The penultimate episode before the end of the Freeza arc and the show's first year! It's all heading to an exciting climax, so get to downloading!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast episode 11

Son Goku vs. Lord Freeza. The ultimate battle. This clash of titans rocks Planet Namek to it's very core and will have ramifications for years to come by its end. And who better to review the fight than a newcomer to Dragon Ball Z! Join Jesse, as well as Donovan, as the two discuss the pacing of the fight, the differences between this and every other battle Goku's been in DBZ before, and the many changes between the orignal manga and the animated version of the story. But that's not ALL! We've also got Frog-Ginyu, as he makes a play for both Bulma and Piccolo's bodies! All this, plus the turning point which changes DBZ forever...

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode 10

In this month's installment of TND, Freeza proves to be too much for our heroes when he keeps on regenerating to new and more terrifying forms! What do Donovan and Jesse think of this plot device and how it's used? That's just the tip of the iceberg, as the guys discuss several topics ranging from Jesse's adoration of Piccolo, the different versions of the english dubs (yet again), and last but not least the dramatic death of DBZ's most persistent Saiyan bad guy! Lots of Vegeta talk is had here, so whaddya waitin' for?

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode 8 part 2

The Ginyus return in part two of this epic saga! In this installment, Jesse and Don go over the arrival of Goku and the mysteries of the Super Saiyan legacy! What makes Vegeta think he can just become a super saiyan by saying so? Is Captain Ginyu in his original body when we first see him? What other shenanigans do the Ginyu Force members get into outside of the original story? All this and more in the exciting conclusion!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode 8

They're here! The Ginyu Force have finally arrived, and with them a whole slew of things to talk about! Donovan and Jesse start off the first act of the Ginyu Force arc by discussing the versatile members and their individual quirks, the contrast between campyness and deadly seriousness, and the wacky voices of Jeice and Recoome. Also included is a trip back to 1999, when the original Ocean Dub of DBZ ended, and a new dub was on the horizon. Strike a fighting pose and get to downloading!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode 7

In their longest episode yet, Donovan and Jesse take on the lead up to the Ginyu Force arc by covering Zarbon vs. Vegeta, round 2, the convenience of palm-to-head power ups, and the greatest freakout in the history of freakouts EVER!...but that's not what you wanna hear about. You wanna hear the boys cover Bardock: The Father of Goku! And that's what's you're gonna get! For two solid hours, the guys go over the background of the special, the mysteries of Goku's mother, the weird absence of Raditz, the youthful rebellious nature of Vegeta, and of course...Bardock himself! But that's not all! Further topics include the video games, the preliminary Ginyu Force impressions, and the recent animated special Episode of Bardock! It's the largest episode to date for a reason, so sit back and enjoy!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #6

The three-way battle for the Namekian Dragonballs continues as Vegeta learns the truth about what really happened to his home planet! Donovan and Jesse cover the revelation, in addition to aquatic life theme of Freeza's henchmen, the whiplash shift in tone from comedic to desperate, and the return of the dead Z-Fighters!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Trailer #2

In case you forgot the name...

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #5

In the wake of the Saiyan battle, many friends were lost without any hope of ever returning back to life. But that doesn't stop our heroes, as Gohan, Bulma and Krillin travel to planet Namek, home of the original Dragon Balls in hopes of reviving their fallen comrades. Join Donovan and Jesse as they discuss on of the most seminal sagas in DBZ history! Among the discussion is the ever-changing fashion trends of the characters, the inconsistencies of intergalactic traveling, and a total shift in the dramatic narrative of DBZ thus far.

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Movie Special #1

Putting the series on hold for the time being, Donovan and Jesse discuss the first two Dragon Ball Z movies, Deadzone and The World's Strongest! What follows is over two hours of Japanese children/women singing, bad guys getting away with using the Dragonballs, MAD SCIENCE, and the characters being more awesome than they generally are in the actual show. Further discussed is Goku's morality, Don's prejudice of the Funi Dub in preference for the Ocean Dub (a reversal of the usual opinion), where if at all the movies fit into continuity, and the greatest opening shot to a movie ever. Sit down with some popcorn, grab a seat next to the talking pig or the talking turtle, and get to downloading!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #4

The boys are back to tackle the finale to the Saiyan Saga, and what a finale it is! From the iconic Goku/Vegeta fight to the battle of the Great Apes, Donovan and Jesse finish it off with discussions on the backgrounds of both the Ocean Dub and the Funimation dub, the awesomeness of Vegeta, and the ending which divides the hosts. Also in this episode are comparisons to Transformers, SAIYAN SCIENCE, and a special surprise at the end of the review! The Saiyan Saga may be at an end, but the real fight and the podcast's coverage of it has only just begun...

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #3

The battle with the Saiyans is finally here, and Donovan and Jesse cover it all from top to bottom! From the many deaths of the Z-Fighters, to the awesome return of Goku, the guys go over initial first impressions of the fight, favorite moments of the series thus far, and as always...more wacky censor notes. All that plus discussion on the production of the Dragon Ball Z manga, the infamous "OVER 9000!!!" quote, and which version sells the drama of the Saiyan fight the most. Before any of that commences however, the guys respond to listener feedback and answer your questions!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast-Episode 2

You know a series is good when someone who's familiar with the show gets tongue tied trying to describe it! That's what happens to Donovan, as he and Jesse cover the tumlutuous year of training that Goku, Gohan, Piccolo and the rest of the Z-Fighters undergo in preparation for the Saiyans! Among the oddities of this episode include an impromptu trip to Hell, anthrpomorphic and non-anthropomorphic animals alike, and a random game of Russian Roulette. All that plus more hijinks with the censors, talk about the fickle fanbase of DBZ, and the nuanced character development of a former enemy.

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast

Welcome to The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast! This inaugural episode introduces the hosts andgets it all started with the beginning of the Saiyan Saga. Throughout the show, questions issues are raised and answered by Jesse and Don, including the background of Dragon Ball, why some characters may or may not have noses, the many foibles of American censorship, the differences between DBZ Kai and the other versions of the anime, and which character was forgotten by the creator. The Saiyans are coming, and there's no time to waste! So get online via your scouters and get to downloading!

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Trailer for The Next Dimension

Trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z podcast, The Next Dimension!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast

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