The Podcast that from top to bottom covers the manga/anime series Dragon Ball Z!
The Next Dimension Third Anniversary Special!

Celebrating three years of Dragon Ball Z goodness, Donovan and Jesse put together a special going back to the roots of Dragon Ball! With character analyzations, plot reviews and specials guests, this episode is NOT one you'll want to miss out on! Anymore revealed would ruin the surprises, so get to downloading! NOTE: This episode went entirely unedited in terms of language content, so it's not safe for working environments!

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Episode 35.5: E-Mails!

Closing out the month of November, Jesse and Don tackle the e-mails they recieved since episode 34. Amongst the various topics raised include what the hosts would do in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, which Dragon Ball race would they like to be and who's the most overrated character. They also commemorate Dragon Ball's 30th anniversary by announcing a surprise for next month! Stay tuned for that and more!

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Episode #35: The Rise and Fall of Gohan...

THIS ONE HAS IT ALL! Foregoing the e-mails for the time being, Donovan and Jesse dive right into the breaking news for the 2015 DBZ movie, now known as "Revival of F!" Then the guys review the return of Gohan, Goku, Tien, and a moveset made familiar by a previous villain. Listen as they discuss Mystic Gohan vs. Super Buu, Mystic Gohan vs. Buutenks, SSJ3 Goku vs. Buuccolo, and are at their wits ends with the erratic storytelling! Should Gohan have remained the hero all along, or was Toriyama justified in bringing Goku back? All this and more in this spectacular episode!

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Episode 34: Point of No Return

What does The Buu Saga and Evangelion have in common? Which 50 Cent music video do Japanese girls get fashion tips from? What makes Donovan claim these episodes as the worst he and Jesse have covered in the podcast thus far? These questions and more are answered in this turning point of an episode, as the guys disagree, debate and discuss the merits and mistakes of the Gotenks vs. Buu fight! It's a fight to the finish for both the characters and the hosts, as the series grows takes more and more risks in its storytelling! Also brought up is the controversy surrounding Mr. Popo, more comparisons between fans of comics and anime, and what in the Buu Saga makes Don and Jesse take a trip down memory lane? You really shouldn't miss this momentus episode, so hurry up and download while there's still a planet to save!

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What's going on with TND?

Donovan addresses problems concerning the backlog of the original Next Dimension episodes and pimps the other shows that he and Jesse are on! There's lots of Don and Jess content out there, so if you'd like to be kept in the loop as well as know what to expect for the Next Dimension, get to downloading!

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Episode 33 Part 2: Satan, Smart Alecks and Sexy Buu!

IN THIS EPISODE!!! The gang meets Gotenks, the fusion of Trunks and Goten! Does this punk teenage fighter have what it takes to stop Buu and save the world? Well if he can't, just leave it to Mr. Satan! The champion is back, and pulls out all the stops to protect the planet! Donovan and Jesse discuss the wide range of comedy and drama in these episodes, both praise and condemn Toriyama's use of the characters, root for the bad guy and cower in fear of an even worse new villain! The world is ending, so there's no time to waste! Get to downloading and enjoy!

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Episode 33 Part 1: Perverts and Debates!

In this episode the guys answer a ton of feedback regarding topics of various, dubious natures! Why does Japan have a love for perverted characters? What is it about Toriyama's storytelling that relies on deus ex machinas? Why is it that Don and Jesse praise on part of DBZ but condemn another? The boys are put on the spot to confront accusations of hypocrisy! Will they discover the truth...inside themselves??? Also brought up are the various shows you can find the two hosts on, including You Can Relate, The Comic Book Film Revue, and! Stay tuned for part two!

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Interested in commissioned artwork? Look no further than agra19's tumblr!

Friend of the show Maria a.k.a agra19 has a tumblr page where she showcases her wonderful artwork! If you'd like a commissioned piece, e-mail her at, or follow her work at!

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Check out Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope!

As mentioned in episode 32 Part 1, Donovan ran into RuthAnn Thompson, Voice Actor and the actress portraying Bulma in the upcoming DBZ fan film "Light of Hope"! Taking place during the History of Trunks side-story, "Light of Hope" already has several trailers and behind the scenes videos and interviews with the cast!


The footage can all be found at the profile RobotUnderdog2 on Check them out and lend your support to this awesome undertaking!

Also be sure to check out Comic Book Film Revue for our review of Guardians of the Galaxy, out on iTunes now!

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Episode 32 Part 3: Super Saiyan 3 and The BUUTRAYAL

"I think our friend's in need of a haircut..."

Part 3 sees the debut of Super Saiyan 3 Goku! Is this a transformation that makes sense for the story, or does it come out of nowhere? Then, Majin Buu goes on a rampage! Millions of lives are lost, begging the it bad if we find this funny? Donovan and Jesse discuss the tone of the episodes, new characters, perverted humor and the (seriously gruesome) death of a LEGEND!!! Keep your HEAD on your shoulders, and prepare to have your MIND blown, as the greatness of this episode will hit you like a fist to the FACE! Enjoy!

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Episode 32 part 2: e-mails, E-Mails, E-MAILS!

Part 2 of the 2014 August Saga has the guy go over a slew of e-mails! A bevy of topics are discussed, from potential match-ups such as Krillin vs. Chi-Chi to the production of manga in Japan. Which character did Cell absorb in Dragon Ball Z Budokai that was NOT an android?! What was the turning point of Jesse truly becoming a fan of DBZ? What makes for good DBZ action, or action in general? All this, plus opinions on the new Salior Moon Crystal series, continuing Battle of Gods talk, and more!

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Episode 32 Part 1: Battle of Gods Thoughts and Comic-Con Adventures!

Welcome to the first of a three part August adventure! In this episode, Jesse and Don discuss their theater experiences whilst attending the US premiere of Battle of Gods! What did they think of the film in English? Did Jesse like it? Did Don's mind change? THEN!! Don recounts his time at San Diego Comic-Con! How much DBZ swag did he buy? Which DBZ voice actor did he meet? Which DBZ character saved him when he was surrounded by HENTAI?!?!? There are no "special effects" on this episode, so you know it's safe for work! Download and enjoy! *NOTE!* Battle of Gods SPOILERS are present between timestamps 6:00 through 38:00!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode 31

NOTHING IS HOW YOU KNOW IT TO BE! In this month's episode, the boys talk about the immediate aftermath of Vegeta's sacrifice and go over which of the new plot additions are good or bad. Which characters are they happy to see again, and which characters do they wish stayed dead? Are the scenes with the original Dragon Ball gang enjoyable slapstick, or useless filler? Can the series endure by relying on Goten and Trunks? All this plus discussions on the upcoming DBZ game Xenoverse, more off topic comic book talk, and a special announcement at the very end! Please add batgirltooracle on Skype for the Killing Joke Call-In Show on Saturday July 12th at 2pm EST, and check out the Comic Book Film Revue Podcast at and on iTunes, but for now, enjoy the guys right at home talking Dragon Ball Z!

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And now for something a bit different... *UPDATE* The show is now on iTunes!!!


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Feedback Special #2

Second Feedback Special Episode! The guys got so much response from their April Fools Day episode and their Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review, that an entire episode was made responding to it all! The discussion ranges from the differences in manga and American comic books, the recent influx of new Sailor Moon content, the final showdown on Garfield vs. Keaton, thoughts on the future Spider-Man movie franchise and much more! The show's three-for-three in getting additional non-DBZ content out, so if you like what you've heard before, this one is for YOU!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #30

A major turning point occurs in this episode, as DBZ's most prominent breakout character gives his all in the fight against evil! Jesse and Don cover Vegeta's last stand against the invincible Majin Buu, as well as hear some alternative views on the Saiyan Prince's turn from Daniel Yarbrough! Before that however, they guys discuss the announcement of Battle of Gods dubbing and North American release to theaters! It's all or nothing when Vegeta's taken to his limits, so get to downloading!!!

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Because 'MURICA...The Amazing Spider-Man Epic Review Special (feat. Stella)

It's summer movie season and Donovan and Jesse can stay silent no longer! While they prowl the DBZ streets on The Next Dimension by night, by day they both are rabid Spider-Man fans! In this one-off special, Donovan sits down with both Jesse and Stella from Batgirl to Oracle: A Barbara Gordon Podcast to discuss with each the most recent addition to the Sony Marvel Franchise: Amazing Spider-Man 2! Join this triumphant trio as they discuss the future of all comic book movie franchises, compare the Raimi films to the Webb films, praise the performances of the heroes, villify the writing of the villains, weep at the tragic climax and ragequit against the senseless changing of Dr. Kafka! Is this the best Spider-Man film or the worst? Where does the series go from here? Face front True Believer and load up your web-shooters to last for an epic, four hour extravaganza! EXCELSIOR!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #29

MAJIN VEGETA IS HERE!!! After loudly complaining that this current saga sucks, Vegeta has been turned against his friends against his will!...or HAS HE? Watch as the Z-Fighters are finally given a worthy opponent in the form of their one-time arch enemy and reluctant ally! Don and Jesse cover the re-match to end all rematches when Goku and Vegeta go head-to-head in a Super Saiyan 2 Smackdown! How do Bulma and Trunks react to Vegeta's return to the dark side? Does this twist push Gohan out of the spotlight? What's Goku's response to Vegeta's heartfelt confessions of love-er, I mean...HATE?! All this plus further talk of a potential movie franchise and Jesse and Don's favorite fantasy epics! Enough talk! The time to download is NOW!!!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #28


In this episode the guys cover the video game-like nature of Babadi's stronghold, and one host laments the time it takes to get to each fight. Then, the tournament finally resumes after the majority of the fighters abandoned it, with a battle royale! See neighbor vs. neighbor when Android #18 unwittingly goes toe-to-toe-to-toe with Goten and Trunks! Before that however, Don and Jesse discuss the Dragon Ball Minus one-shot that reveals Goku's mother Gine! Has Toriyama retconned canon beyond the point of no return? Download to find out!

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Moon Prism Podcast: A Sailor Moon Show Episode #28

Back for the month of April, Jesse and Don cover "Fractious Friends"! The Sailor Scouts hatch a plan to save Tuxedo Mask from the clutches of Queen Beryl, involving faking a public break-up! But how fake can it really be when Serena and Raye are always at odds? The guys go over the character development of the team, the wonky Nijana reporter demon, and more flubs with the DIC English Dub! Put aside your differences with your mp3 player and get to downloading!

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Front Page Feedback Episode!

April's next episode drops at midnight-but before then, Donovan answers some feedback on the libsyn page!

The e-mail address from the show is

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #27

Things take a turn for the worse when the Adult Division of the Tenkaichi Budokai begins! Piccolo vs. a higher diety! Videl vs. a mysterious freak! GOKU VS. VEGETA! What can possibly happen next? Jesse and Don discuss it all from top to bottom, as well as discuss the logistics of applying DBZ to live action movie format and their favorite voice actors. The Videl/Spopovitch fight too much to handle? Learn about it by downloading!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #26

The Junior Division of the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai is underway, and the finals quickly arrive in the match of Goten vs. Trunks! Who will come out on top, and who will cheat? Donovan and Jesse comment on this and other tidbits in this months batch of episodes, such as the legacy of Dragon Ball throughout popular culture, Saiyan eating habits, and video game talk galore!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #25

Don and Jesse cover some seriously nutty topics this month, and most of it comes well before the episode coverage! For starters, they guys BRIEFly go over Toriyama's fandom and how they show their...appreciation. The next hour of e-mails contains discussion points that range from asking which came first, Super Saiyans or Super Sonic, more DC Super Hero/DBZ comparisons, and an unfortunate explanation on when the conception of Goten took place. As for the episodes, do the sudden appearances of two new Super Saiyans begin the series' downfall, or is it justified? Is Videl the best character the show has seen ever? Or does that title still belong to the Tournament Announcer, who makes his triumphant return from Dragon Ball! You don't need a degree in human/android relations to know that the podcast is in for a treat when Goku takes one look at Krillin and 18's daughter and asks "HOW?", so get to downloading!

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