The Podcast that from top to bottom covers the manga/anime series Dragon Ball Z!
Episode 40: Shocks, Surprises and Super Saiyans!

Donovan and Jesse leap head first into an arry of wild and crazy topics, starting with the news that a new DB series is premiering in July, titled "Dragon Ball Super"! How did this breaking story affect the hosts? What can we expect from the new show? Will Toriyama's involvment automatically differentiate the show from Dragon Ball GT? Then the guys tackle the 2008 Jump Super Anime Tour Special "YO! Son Goku and his Friends Return!" and the 2011 animated adaptation of the Naho Ooishi manga "Episode of Bardock". How do these two 21st century stories compare to the original series? Do they make sense? Does it matter? All this plus talk of an awesome DBZ video game that Don and Jesse completely slept on! What are you waiting for, get to downloading!

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