The Podcast that from top to bottom covers the manga/anime series Dragon Ball Z!
Feedback Special #2

Second Feedback Special Episode! The guys got so much response from their April Fools Day episode and their Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review, that an entire episode was made responding to it all! The discussion ranges from the differences in manga and American comic books, the recent influx of new Sailor Moon content, the final showdown on Garfield vs. Keaton, thoughts on the future Spider-Man movie franchise and much more! The show's three-for-three in getting additional non-DBZ content out, so if you like what you've heard before, this one is for YOU!

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Moon Prism Podcast: A Sailor Moon Show Episode #28

Back for the month of April, Jesse and Don cover "Fractious Friends"! The Sailor Scouts hatch a plan to save Tuxedo Mask from the clutches of Queen Beryl, involving faking a public break-up! But how fake can it really be when Serena and Raye are always at odds? The guys go over the character development of the team, the wonky Nijana reporter demon, and more flubs with the DIC English Dub! Put aside your differences with your mp3 player and get to downloading!

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