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Movie Special #4 Part 1: "You Only Broly Twice"

The Movie Special Reviews return for a fourth an final time as Donovan and Jesse finish off the list of the original 13 DBZ films! In Part 1, it's a double dose of Broly as the Legendary Super Saiyan returns from the grave twice to attack Goten and his friends. How do Broly's sequel films stack up against his premiere in Movie 8? Do the films benefit from the new cast of characters? Which of these movies is regarded as the worst one of all, and which has the contender for worst ending? The guys have opposing opinions for both movies, but before that they're asked what makes DBZ particularly accesible to people who've not seen Dragon Ball, hear a theory on the power of Kid Buu, and bristle at fan mail for their potential replacement host! The race towards the finish line has begun with the end of the movies, so start that race and download now!

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