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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Trailer #2

In case you forgot the name...

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #5

In the wake of the Saiyan battle, many friends were lost without any hope of ever returning back to life. But that doesn't stop our heroes, as Gohan, Bulma and Krillin travel to planet Namek, home of the original Dragon Balls in hopes of reviving their fallen comrades. Join Donovan and Jesse as they discuss on of the most seminal sagas in DBZ history! Among the discussion is the ever-changing fashion trends of the characters, the inconsistencies of intergalactic traveling, and a total shift in the dramatic narrative of DBZ thus far.

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Happy Birthday Akira Toriyama!

The legendary manga artist and Dragon Ball creator turns 55 years young today! Let's all wish him another 55 years more with the dragonballs!

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