The Podcast that from top to bottom covers the manga/anime series Dragon Ball Z!

An old friend of Don's just finished a watch-thru of the original Dragon Ball anime, and the two men sat down to talk about it! Jon Wilson from the Make Ours Marvel podcast talks with Don about watching the series with his kids, the sexy humor of Toriyama, the gradual change in tone, and so much more, plus his early thoughts on DBZ!

The show isn't dead! Thank you for downloading!

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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball SUPER podcast episode 00-SHIN GODZILLA

Dipping their toes into the DBS coverage, Jesse takes control of the podcast to discuss with Don his original childhood love, Godzilla! The guys reunite to review the latest Toho Godzilla film "Shin Godzilla", written and co-directed by Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno! What madness awaits Don as he has his first Godzilla viewing presented from the man who broke his mind two years ago? What mad knowledge does Jesse lay down concerning Godzilla's history? What wackyness envelops the Godzilla canon of films? Stay tuned at the end to find out exactly what DBS episodes the boys will be reviewing in the month of January, and to hear news of Funimation's confirmation in dubbing the new show!

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LAST OF THE FILLER EPISODES PART 1: Finding Your Joy with Steven Universe

In the first of a two-part finale in between the break of reviewing DB content, Donovan attempts to express his newfound love with Steven Universe, a show that encourages love and acceptance in a fresh and entertaining way. But how does this series compare to Dragon Ball? Throughout the ep Don discusses what makes a great kid's show, the creative intent of Rebecca Sugar and how the series' LGBT characters are depicted. It's the most indulgent and ill-prepared episode ever produced for this feed, so if you're feeling generous give it a listen and download!

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Views from the Longbox #228: Special "First Impressions" Batman v. Superman review!

A tie-in to Views From the Longbox (starring Michael Bailey) and a preview for the next The Comic Book Film Revue, this episode of Views sees the reuniting of the Next Dimension team (now with more April) as they discuss the film they saw an hour earlier, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, with host Michael, his wife Rachel, and Don's former ASM Classics partner Jon M. Wilson! After just seeing the movie, the six wine and dine at the nearest Chili's to discuss, disagree and deconstruct the pros and cons of the latest DCEU movie! Which of the six was outnumbered in their opinion, and will it split the Next Dimension duo in HALF?! Part one of the two-part Comic Book Film Revue Batman v. Superman Revue is demanding to be downloaded...NOW!!!

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Because 'MURICA...The Amazing Spider-Man Epic Review Special (feat. Stella)

It's summer movie season and Donovan and Jesse can stay silent no longer! While they prowl the DBZ streets on The Next Dimension by night, by day they both are rabid Spider-Man fans! In this one-off special, Donovan sits down with both Jesse and Stella from Batgirl to Oracle: A Barbara Gordon Podcast to discuss with each the most recent addition to the Sony Marvel Franchise: Amazing Spider-Man 2! Join this triumphant trio as they discuss the future of all comic book movie franchises, compare the Raimi films to the Webb films, praise the performances of the heroes, villify the writing of the villains, weep at the tragic climax and ragequit against the senseless changing of Dr. Kafka! Is this the best Spider-Man film or the worst? Where does the series go from here? Face front True Believer and load up your web-shooters to last for an epic, four hour extravaganza! EXCELSIOR!

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