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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #28


In this episode the guys cover the video game-like nature of Babadi's stronghold, and one host laments the time it takes to get to each fight. Then, the tournament finally resumes after the majority of the fighters abandoned it, with a battle royale! See neighbor vs. neighbor when Android #18 unwittingly goes toe-to-toe-to-toe with Goten and Trunks! Before that however, Don and Jesse discuss the Dragon Ball Minus one-shot that reveals Goku's mother Gine! Has Toriyama retconned canon beyond the point of no return? Download to find out!

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  • hiya guys its been awhile mostly because I don't have my ipod :( but that's ok I still have the computer but anyway lets talk about dbz ive been watching the buu saga just for this show right now im on season nine in the last saga I watched season eight when u guys were on season seven even tho the buu saga is not my favorite saga I still like it and its awesome but I didn't get to hear episode 28 so I wont be commenting as much about the episode but I will say this or can say it I like this part of the time were at the story is about to get more action and when they fight the aliens or bad guys on the ship it takes me back to the frieza time when we fought aliens and minions and reminds me of those time they fought in space but they are way stronger then frieza's man shoot they may be stronger then frieza well maybe some of them but yeah that's what I wanted to say the only way I can listen to your podcast is on the computer but I hope u do good on your next episode but what am I saying u always do good and I hope u get my message well that's all take care.

    posted by: trejoun on 2014-05-05 12:32:51

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