The Podcast that from top to bottom covers the manga/anime series Dragon Ball Z!

Donovan gives a brief update regarding the e-mail address and designs on the next episode. Thank you for listening!

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After apologizing once again for the even longer hiatus, the guys discuss the filler arc of DBS between episodes 42-46. Throughout they discuss Dragon Ball's resurgence of popularity, what separates Super from DBZ and how that negatively affects their enjoyment, the differences between Pan from Z, Super and Dragon Ball GT, multiple callbacks to the original Dragon Ball, and more! Pop out the jelly and get to downloading!

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Donovan explains the absence and future of TND...

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LAST OF THE FILLER EPISODES Part 2: Spider-Man, Fandom and the Future of TND

Jesse comes back with a vengeance in the second and final installment of the Next Dimension's off-season of episodes. Spider-Man is his drug of choice as he and Don recall what they love about Marvel's top hero whilst getting sidetracked about what they don't love in the past decade of comic books. The different movies, animated series, video games and Dan Slott are all thoroughly discussed, debated and deemed upon...for the first hour...

THEN..! The second half of the episode is an energetic discussion on Dragon Ball Super, online behavior from sections of the fan community, and the final decision on whether or not The Next Dimension will return! It's a bumpy ride with a lot of personal obstacles to overcome. Is this truly the last episode from Donovan and Jesse ever? The answer could prove to be controversial! The only possible way is to download, so you know what to do! (*NOTE* This episode's language content has been left unedited in its entirety to achieve the maximum emotional effect)

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Batgirl to Oracle's "Minority Report"

Promo for an upcoming special from BTO on comic book diversity!

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End of Next Dimension Trailer #3

E-Mails can be sent to! Also, join the Facebook Page and Official FB Group Page!

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End of Next Dimension Trailer#2

The Countdown continues..!

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Having covered everything important up through the end of the series, Donovan and Jesse take a mega-sized gander at the entire Dragon Ball Z series! In this mammoth five hour podcast, the guys start off light with talk of the new DB Super trailer (at 4:05), talk Dragon Ball Xenoverse (at 13:00) and hit up the e-mails (33:08) which include Saskia Van Emden's list of favorite and least favorite DBZ memories! After that they spend an hour navel-gazing at their journey to reach the end and recall the origins of the podcast, noting behind-the-scenes secrets from key episodes! The rest of the podcast is filled with discussions and rankings from the traditional fan favorites such as fights, villains and movies, to more personal choices like cliff-hangers and designs. Which lists contain controversial choices and go against the grain, and which make or break the series for the hosts? Will they agree or disagree? Stay tuned at the end of the episode to hear dozens of bloopers saved from episodes throughout the years! If you don't have three and a half years to listen to the backlog of the show's episodes, take nearly a third of your day to sit down and fly through memory lane with The Next Dimension!

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What's going on with TND?

Donovan addresses problems concerning the backlog of the original Next Dimension episodes and pimps the other shows that he and Jesse are on! There's lots of Don and Jess content out there, so if you'd like to be kept in the loop as well as know what to expect for the Next Dimension, get to downloading!

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Interested in commissioned artwork? Look no further than agra19's tumblr!

Friend of the show Maria a.k.a agra19 has a tumblr page where she showcases her wonderful artwork! If you'd like a commissioned piece, e-mail her at, or follow her work at!

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This and more SDCC cosplay pics on the Next Dimension Facebook Page!

San Diego Comic Con 2013 has come and gone, but with it came great DBZ cosplays! To see more pics like this dead Yamcha, go to the Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Facebook page and view them all!

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Check out Agra19's deviantART page for great DBZ artwork!

Fan of the show and frequent e-mailer Daniel Yarbrough  has a talented girlfriend who with Daniel specializes in Dragon Ball fan comics, including untold stories and Goku's mother! You can check them out, and tons more of her great art at this deviantART account gallery!

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Happy Birthday Akira Toriyama!

The legendary manga artist and Dragon Ball creator turns 55 years young today! Let's all wish him another 55 years more with the dragonballs!

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The Next Dimension Facebook page plus next Episode Recorded

A fan of the show? A fan of Facebook? WELL THEN head on over to Facebook, type in "The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast" and like the page to show your support. You'll see news of the podcast including new episodes drop there!

Episode #2 has just been recorded and saved. Be on the lookout for it in the following few days!

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