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Front Page Feedback Episode!

April's next episode drops at midnight-but before then, Donovan answers some feedback on the libsyn page!

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  • Hey don and or Jessie, it's me Eric again. Thanks for reading my comment and questions on your show. I totaly forgot that I sent in a comment until now and what I said about helping out with the review of the live action dbz movie I will be more than willing to help out due to 2 reasons. 1 I can't see the two of you doing this review by your lonesome and 2 by be helping you guys out I just might be as popular as yamcha not dying. Also some one has to be the one to take the bullet. Thanks again for reading my comment and from now on I will be writing or in this case typing in at your hotmail page and who knows I just might beat danil yarbro.

    posted by: Eric chick on 2014-04-06 17:41:57

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