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Views from the Longbox #228: Special "First Impressions" Batman v. Superman review!

A tie-in to Views From the Longbox (starring Michael Bailey) and a preview for the next The Comic Book Film Revue, this episode of Views sees the reuniting of the Next Dimension team (now with more April) as they discuss the film they saw an hour earlier, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, with host Michael, his wife Rachel, and Don's former ASM Classics partner Jon M. Wilson! After just seeing the movie, the six wine and dine at the nearest Chili's to discuss, disagree and deconstruct the pros and cons of the latest DCEU movie! Which of the six was outnumbered in their opinion, and will it split the Next Dimension duo in HALF?! Part one of the two-part Comic Book Film Revue Batman v. Superman Revue is demanding to be downloaded...NOW!!!

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