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Episode 32 Part 3: Super Saiyan 3 and The BUUTRAYAL

"I think our friend's in need of a haircut..."

Part 3 sees the debut of Super Saiyan 3 Goku! Is this a transformation that makes sense for the story, or does it come out of nowhere? Then, Majin Buu goes on a rampage! Millions of lives are lost, begging the it bad if we find this funny? Donovan and Jesse discuss the tone of the episodes, new characters, perverted humor and the (seriously gruesome) death of a LEGEND!!! Keep your HEAD on your shoulders, and prepare to have your MIND blown, as the greatness of this episode will hit you like a fist to the FACE! Enjoy!

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Episode 32 part 2: e-mails, E-Mails, E-MAILS!

Part 2 of the 2014 August Saga has the guy go over a slew of e-mails! A bevy of topics are discussed, from potential match-ups such as Krillin vs. Chi-Chi to the production of manga in Japan. Which character did Cell absorb in Dragon Ball Z Budokai that was NOT an android?! What was the turning point of Jesse truly becoming a fan of DBZ? What makes for good DBZ action, or action in general? All this, plus opinions on the new Salior Moon Crystal series, continuing Battle of Gods talk, and more!

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