The Podcast that from top to bottom covers the manga/anime series Dragon Ball Z!
The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #29

MAJIN VEGETA IS HERE!!! After loudly complaining that this current saga sucks, Vegeta has been turned against his friends against his will!...or HAS HE? Watch as the Z-Fighters are finally given a worthy opponent in the form of their one-time arch enemy and reluctant ally! Don and Jesse cover the re-match to end all rematches when Goku and Vegeta go head-to-head in a Super Saiyan 2 Smackdown! How do Bulma and Trunks react to Vegeta's return to the dark side? Does this twist push Gohan out of the spotlight? What's Goku's response to Vegeta's heartfelt confessions of love-er, I mean...HATE?! All this plus further talk of a potential movie franchise and Jesse and Don's favorite fantasy epics! Enough talk! The time to download is NOW!!!

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