The Podcast that from top to bottom covers the manga/anime series Dragon Ball Z!
The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #25

Don and Jesse cover some seriously nutty topics this month, and most of it comes well before the episode coverage! For starters, they guys BRIEFly go over Toriyama's fandom and how they show their...appreciation. The next hour of e-mails contains discussion points that range from asking which came first, Super Saiyans or Super Sonic, more DC Super Hero/DBZ comparisons, and an unfortunate explanation on when the conception of Goten took place. As for the episodes, do the sudden appearances of two new Super Saiyans begin the series' downfall, or is it justified? Is Videl the best character the show has seen ever? Or does that title still belong to the Tournament Announcer, who makes his triumphant return from Dragon Ball! You don't need a degree in human/android relations to know that the podcast is in for a treat when Goku takes one look at Krillin and 18's daughter and asks "HOW?", so get to downloading!

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