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The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #19

THIS IS IT! The episode all Trunks fans have been waiting for! In this month's entry, the guys discuss the announcement of the Cell Games, right after the fight between Cell and Trunks, the fighters from the future! THEN..! The History of Trunks is discussed in length. Did the Funimation dubbed music ruin the entire viewing experience? Is this the best movie in the series so far? Does this answer all of our questions? PLUS! Voice actors from both Japan and America unite at the Animazing convetion! Jesse and Don bring you the highlights! All that plus Donovan's long concealed opinions on the Buu Saga! You won't want to miss a second of this, so hop into your iTime-Machine and get to downloading!

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  • Hey Guys! I've been listening to your podcast for awhile, and I've gotta say, you have been an AWESOME podcast to listen to, and you actually make chores fun to do while I listen to you! :) Who knew that I would stumble across an AMAZING podcast for just browsing Bruce Falconer music. you guys are my most favorite podcast I've found so far in iTunes! But id like to cut straight to questions, though I don't think i'll provide as much as the Legendary Danial Yarbro! Kay, number one: What do you guys think of vegeta being able to destroy planets at the power level of 18,000? I always thought the fact that he was able to do so, but the show made a bigger deal when freeza was doing it.(BTW which name do you prefer freeza, or frieza?)2nd: how do you feel about Krillin being weaker to a kid who's as tall as him? Gohan being stronger in than Krillin just seems unfitting. Maybe it's just because the namek saga made the two seem more or less equal for authority, even though Krillin is way older.3rd:Who came first, Super Saiyan, or Super Sonic? Which would you obtain, the 7 Chaos Emeralds, or 7 Dragon Balls? Who is cooler, Shadow the Hedgehog or Vegeta? And who is more annoying, Chi-Chi, or Amy the Hedgehog?4:Did you guys notice that trunks said Freeza and his Father only had 5 more minutes to live in the remastered Funimation Dub? 5: WHY YOU GUYS DONT LIKE VEGETA IN CELL SAGA?!? He's the best in this saga because he just shows the best of his Saiyan Pride. And even though he can be an A.18, he really does have some good characterization.6: THE ART!! This has REALLY bothered me on how one episode, It can be awesome and dynamic, but the next it's completely sloppy and awful.7: How did you feel about the art change toward the Super Saiyan hair? I like how it looks more crisp, and detailed. 8. Gohan could pass off as the most ascended Super Saiyan EVER when he first transformed !!(Donnovan, take it away!)Well, that's it for me. Now i'm off to watch Episode 19! Plus, WHY DID GOKU JUST STAND THERE WHEN HE TELEPORTED CELL TO KING KAI'S PLANET?!?! HE HAD AT LEAST 30 SECONDS, WHICH IS AT LEAST 3 MINUTES IN DBZ TIME!! >0

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