The Podcast that from top to bottom covers the manga/anime series Dragon Ball Z!
The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z Podcast Episode #14

An all new battle begins! A mysterious boy from the future who claims to be a Super Saiyan warns of a deadly enemy that ties back to Dragon Ball's past! As Donovan and Jesse start their coverage of the Android Saga, they run the gamut by hitting topics such as the (needless?) return of Freeza, the return of an old enemy, and the introduction of a brand new Z-Fighter! Plus, filler-rific fun is had when Goku and Piccolo seek to get their driving licenses, Gohan is given an abusive new tutor, and shipping abounds when Vegeta makes the Bulma/Yamcha relationship into a love triangle! Emasculation is aplenty in this-the saga that changes everything!

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